On Monday, Jimmy Carter finally confirmed long standing rumors regarding prostitutes and cocaine use in the Carter White House.  

Carter, one of our most cerebral Presidents, was publicly known for his humanitarian programs and relentless pursuit of peace in the Middle East.  And in fact, Carter was mocked by some for admitting in his 1976 Playboy interview that he had sinned by “lusting in his heart.”

But on Monday, in a speech to the National Press Club, he confirmed that it was “nothing but hookers and blow” behind closed doors.  Perhaps the most startling revelation was that after he won the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize, he took the award to the Cheetah III, an Atlanta strip club, and rubbed it on one of the dancers.  Carter gleefully admitted the conduct stating: “I fucking made it rain!”

Contrary to earlier reporting, the President’s wife, Rosalyn was neither involved, nor aware, of the President’s conduct.