On Monday, Kate Kirk took steps to ensure that her grudges against her ex-husband are preserved forever.

NGEFTO interviewed Ms. Kirk who had this to say: “My lawyer asked me not to talk about this.  But I’m pissed off and I want the world to know what an asshole he is.  And what would happen if I got in a car wreck and died?  If there is a heaven or hell, it would be okay because then I will be able to tell even more people, including his Mother and Father, what I really think about him.  But what if there is no afterlife—the message would die with me!  Think about that for a second!”

Ms. Kirk has uploaded all of her complaints about her ex-husband on to a portable hard drive and has made a bequest to the University of Pittsburgh’s computer science department to ensure that the hard drive will be preserved in perpetuity.  As a back-up plan, she has left a written record on acid-free paper, has created a website (www.fuckhim.com), and told her story to NPR’s Story Corps.  “I’ve taken every reasonable step to tell future generations that he was an asshole” said Ms. Kirk.

Ms. Kirk’s ex-husband, David Kirk, was given an opportunity to comment on this story but declined.