On Monday, the Discovery Channel announced the cancelation of its reality television show: “Neil + Daryl, True Love.”

“I’m crushed” announced Miramax Producer, Ian Friedman.  “When Neil Young and Daryl Hannah got married, I knew I wanted to bring this love story to television.  It was my favorite concept ever and the pilot was perfect.  But it just didn’t resonate with our audience.  Neil is so burned out and Daryl is so weird, that you just can’t connect with them unless you are French or high.  Everything they say is part banal, part performance art and no one can tell the difference.  I still have hopes that we can release the show in France but in the American and Canadian markets it’s DOA.”

When asked to comment, Mr. Young offered the following: “Your path and my path are u-turns in a parking lot. Our love is like puke, it’s messy but it feels better when its outside.”  Although Ms. Hannah refused to comment, she lit a match and stared intensely at this reporter.