NGEFTO Style Editor, Louisa Ferncliff.

Step aside Prince Harry and Megan, Duchess of Sussex.  Move over Kanye and Kim & Donald and Ivanka.  Neil and Daryl are the hot “couples” Halloween costume for 2018!  Since the announcement of the surprise wedding of veteran rocker Neil Young and aging activist actress Daryl Hannah, searches for costumes of the pair are blowing up the web.

“This is the perfect couples costume” gushed Diane Bradley of  The Neil+Daryl ™ ensemble envisions Young as a wild-haired, grizzled, beflanneled, rockstar accompanied by a Splash-era, mermaid Hannah.  “It really is the perfect couples costume,” Bradley enthused. “It allows the guy to be super-comfy and almost not dress up, while the woman gets to put on a skin-tight, slinky, mermaid outfit.  What woman doesn’t dream of being a mermaid?  You get to look sexy, and maybe a little slutty, and isn’t that what Halloween is all about?”

While the shock wedding announcement has left some manufactures and suppliers  scrambling, Bradley feels pretty good about the upcoming Halloween season.  “Of course, the timing of the wedding announcement was not ideal, coming only 6 weeks before October 31st,  but we’re going all out to make sure that our Neil+Daryl ™ costume is ready for sale ASAP!”  When asked if she would have trouble delivering the ensemble in time, Bradley was optimistic.  “It’s all about branding and packaging.  We’ve created the “Neil” part of the costume from a mix of slow-selling lumberjack shirts, rebranded Bernie Sanders wigs, and Twilight werewolf fur.  As for “Daryl,” that’s easy.  Mermaids are trending right now and long blond “beach” hair wigs are always a hot-seller, year ‘round.  We are ready to rock you like a hurricane this Fall!”

When asked to comment on the trend, Mr. Young stated: “Our love is like puke; it’s messy, but you feel better when it’s outside rather than inside.  Happy Halloween Cinnamon Girl.”  Although NGEFTO is struggling to understand the meaning of Mr. Young’s comment, we only report the news—we don’t make it.