On Monday, Quentin St. Hilaire, Baltimore’s Director of Tourism announced that the city plans to erect a monument to Santiago Luis Polanco-Rodríguez (Yayo) at the corner of Baker and McKean in West Baltimore.

“We’ve had a tremendous influx of tourists in response to the Murder Tour (here) and this is the natural extension of that success.  As the first person to sell crack in the United States, Yayo has had a huge impact on the Charm City and we want to recognize his unique contribution” said Hilaire in a recent interview.  “And we understand that there are some haters that want to only point to the negative side of the crack industry.  But we choose to emphasize the positives, including, the entrepreneurship embodied by West Baltimore’s most important industry.  If you can show me someone that has had a larger impact on the economy of West Baltimore, I’ll build a monument to him or her too!”

Local soccer mom, Geneva Hall, says that you can mark her down as one of the haters.  “This is even dumber than the Murder Tour!” exclaimed Hall.  “What mom is going to take her kids to see a statute of the first person to sell crack in the United States?  I’m shaking my head at how dumb this idea is—thank God I can still take my kids to the Aquarium.”

Mr. St. Hilaire provided the following comment on this negative reaction: “Clearly, she still doesn’t see the big picture.  Our Murder Tour is now more popular than the Inner Harbor.  And I get that she doesn’t like crack—most soccer moms don’t.  But putting aside her implicit racism, it’s important that we take ownership of Yayo’s contribution to our local economy.  Particularly, before New York wakes up and tries to claim Yayo as one of their own.  I’m very pleased that we beat them to the punch.”