On Monday, the Cook County school board suspended local student, Patrick Schneider.  At issue, Mr. Schneider’s conduct during the October SAT exam.

Mr. Schneider is a straight A student and nationally ranked quiz bowl player.  He is also captain of his school’s math team, science bowl team, and chess club.  On October 6, 2018, after he had completed the SAT exam, the usually well behaved Mr. Schneider stood up, dropped his pencil, and yelled “that’s how it’s done bitches!”   The school’s reaction was swift, and Mr. Schneider was suspended for 3 days and ordered to write a letter of apology to the students that witnessed his outburst.

NGEFTO was able to interview Mr. Schneider, who offered the following: “I’m sorry that I was disruptive during the SAT.  But I also view this as another example of how exceptional students are suppressed.  When the quarterback throws a touchdown, he celebrates and everyone thinks it’s cool.  When the baseball player hits a home run, his teammates mob him at the plate.  But when a strong student like myself aces the SATs I’m supposed to walk out of there like it was just another day.  And I disagree with that!”  When asked whether he had learned his lesson, Mr. Schneider laughed.  “The proof is in the pudding.  I just got my scores and as expected, I scored a 1600!  I’ll take a 3 day walk anytime for a score like that.  Just wait until I take the ACT exam in December.  After I rock it, I am going to start yelling that it’s time for hookers and blow!  So the answer is: ‘no’, I haven’t learned my lesson.”